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von diafanos
23. Dezember 2012, 15:33
Forum: Tichuliga
Thema: 3. Saison - 3rd season
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Re: 3. Saison - 3rd season


Team Tholoures will continue in the next season of Tichuleague. c u soon ;)
von diafanos
14. November 2012, 14:02
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Thema: Zukunft der Liga? - Leaque's future?
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Re: Zukunft der Liga? - Leaque's future?

Hi all. Even though many teams have shown lack of interest in their games, i think Tichuleague should continue for at least 2-3 more seasons. First groups become stronger, the games are more difficult and if some new teams, willing to play, register then league has definitely future. Hope to see you...
von diafanos
30. Mai 2012, 12:51
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Thema: Rückmeldethread - Check-back-in-Thread
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Re: Rückmeldethread - Check-back-in-Thread

Hi everybody!

Tholoures will participate in the second season of TichuLiga!

Hf all!
von diafanos
25. Januar 2012, 11:31
Forum: Gruppe D - Group D
Thema: For Tichuleague team FAMigerati
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For Tichuleague team FAMigerati

Hi again, I 'm just trying another way to contact team FAMigerati for our game in Tichuleague with deadline on 29/01/2012. Both members zenzo and effebi have been in my watchlist for a while but they are never online. I hope they see this post or someone else inform them and we can make the game on ...
von diafanos
22. Januar 2012, 12:41
Forum: Gruppe D - Group D
Thema: Problem with Tichuleague game
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Problem with Tichuleague game

Hi My team ("Tholoures") are in group D of Tichuleague and we have a problem with team "Satan Says: Cheat!". The members of this team are rarely online and have only played 2 games for Tichuleague. I talked to teamcaptain Delay_Lama to arrange our game and he told me he hasn't been in contact with h...
von diafanos
22. Januar 2012, 12:32
Forum: Tichuliga
Thema: Translations for non-German readers?
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Re: Translations for non-German readers?


Since there are quite a few non-German players in tichuleague and all of us face some problems from time to time i think it 's important to be able to understand what 's going on here at this forum. So i think an english version will be very helpfull for us. Thank you for the effort! :)