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von Tzeremes13
24. Dezember 2012, 21:51
Forum: Tichuliga
Thema: 3. Saison - 3rd season
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Re: 3. Saison - 3rd season

Hello all! We are Traumatismenes Ververitses and we want to participate in your 3rd Tichuliga! Merry Christmas and a happy new year!
von Tzeremes13
8. Dezember 2012, 01:18
Forum: Archiv
Thema: Zukunft der Liga? - Leaque's future?
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Re: Zukunft der Liga? - Leaque's future?

Hallo! On behalf of Traumatismenes Ververitses, we want many more Tichuleagues! :-) And also, why not throwing a Tichu Knock-Out Tournament every 3-4 months? Food for thought! :-) Please inform me if this post of mine counts as a check-back in thread or not, greetings from Greece..!
von Tzeremes13
30. Mai 2012, 20:08
Forum: Archiv
Thema: Rückmeldethread - Check-back-in-Thread
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Re: Rückmeldethread - Check-back-in-Thread

Hello everybody! We are Traumatismenes Ververitses (elow14, Tzeremes13, xazouliko, D.Luffy, elenhrantou) and we want to take part in the second Tichuliga.

Thank you in advance :)
von Tzeremes13
31. Januar 2012, 21:07
Forum: Gruppe B - Group B
Thema: Hello! Change of captain plz
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Hello! Change of captain plz

Hello, I am Tzeremes13. I am the current captain of Traumatismenes Ververitses and I want elow14 to be the new captain of the team. Is that possible? Thank you in advance.