Translations for non-German readers?

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Translations for non-German readers?

Beitrag von das.faultier » 17. Januar 2012, 17:22

Hi there!

As some of you might have noticed, I have started translating a thread into English to enable the non-German players to understand what is going on.
As this is rather time-consuming (and there still is no English post and no non-german speakers are registered on this board) I want to make sure that it is requested after all.
So please raise your hand and give me a notice in case you want all the postings here provided in English.

Cheers, fauli

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Re: Translations for non-German readers?

Beitrag von I_a_s_o_n_a_s » 18. Januar 2012, 15:53

Hi i'm from Go5 of the D liga. We played the game with Satan Says: Cheat! and they haven't confirnmed it. 3 days past and nothing yet. The deadline has also passed.What to do?

the game is this: ... &id=627873

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Re: Translations for non-German readers?

Beitrag von diafanos » 22. Januar 2012, 12:32


Since there are quite a few non-German players in tichuleague and all of us face some problems from time to time i think it 's important to be able to understand what 's going on here at this forum. So i think an english version will be very helpfull for us. Thank you for the effort! :)


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