Terminplanung Rookies

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Terminplanung Rookies

Beitrag von Partyquenn80 » 13. März 2013, 22:13


das Team rührt sich nicht- weder bei Terminanfragen, noch im Forum noch per Brieftaube.
Wir haben noch 11 Tage Zeit zu spielen- die Termine unsererseits werden hier jedoch knapp.


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Re: Terminplanung Rookies

Beitrag von #vaso# » 30. März 2013, 11:29

We can't contact any of the members of the Rookies and the deadline of our game is tommorow (31/3/2013). Please can someone inform us what are we supposed to do?

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Re: Terminplanung Rookies

Beitrag von Ingrida » 30. März 2013, 19:59

Hello, #vaso#

For this game none of both teams generated an appointment poll and now it is to late to do this right in time. If your game won't be played therefore it will be valued 0:0.

For your team this is no great problem for it is the first game in this season you didn't play and must be evaluated. For the Rookies it means the end. They are having 2 not-played games up to now. Another one and they will be disqualified. Then all their games will be valuated 0:1000.

For this game so it is no greater problem for your team not to have generated an appointment poll. Better it would be to use the Doodle tool for appointments. We only use the efforts of teams in the Doodle tool for evaluating not-played games. If this tool is not used by a team for a game this game inevitably will be valuated with 0 if not played.

My recommendation: Use the Doodle dating poll!

Ingrida, LOT

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Re: Terminplanung Rookies

Beitrag von #vaso# » 31. März 2013, 14:04

Ty for the advice Ingrida:D
Till now i used to contact the players when i found one of them online, so we can arrange the appointment immediately.. But i suppose it's better to use this tool in order to be safe:D

I'll try this way by now:D


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